Peace Day 2011 Interfaith Conference

Peace Day 2011 Interfaith Conference

Peace Day 2011 interfaith Conference

The Minority Coverage Foundation (MCF) organized a peace seminar in-collaboration with All Pakistan Mashi Tehrik (APMT) in account of World Peace Day 2011. The purpose of the seminar was to emphasize and reflect the struggles for peace and harmony in the country. The peace seminar particularly focused on the joint struggle for promotion of peace and tolerance.

Mr. Syed Asif Hashmi (Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board) was the chief guest of the seminar and the other speakers were as Mr. Kalyan Singh Kalyan, Mr. Lal Baghat, Mr. Aneel,Mr Gulraz Khan, Mr. Nazim Ali Nazim, Mr. Yasoob Bhatti, Mr. Munir Khokhar, Mr. Robin Peter and Mr. Daniel Gulzar. Mr. Asif Hashmi, appreciate the initiative especially the gathering of all faiths for peace and harmony.  Mr. Emmanuel Gulzar (President Minority Coverage Foundation) urged the citizens of Pakistan to unite against terrorism and he also urge for interfaith cooperation and harmony.

At the end participants recited prayer according to their own faiths, for the self-determination of Pakistan, peace and harmony. The seminar was attended by a good amount of participants. Awards were given to the great personalities and organizations those who worked on Peace and Harmony in Pakistan.

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