Free Education

In fact there is only one vital tool, which can change the community that is un-doubtly Education. For this noble mission MCF is strongly committed. To accomplish and expand this mission we have following aims and objective:

Klin workers

Klin workers are deprived from the basic facilities of education because their fundamental rights are violated by the Klin Owners. These people work under the Klin mafia authority as slaves. They are bound to work 12 Hours and get fewer wages, due to this reason they are not able to send their children to school. We have local volunteers those who provide the parents with the basic education and our visionary team teach the parents about their childrens rights to the education. MCF is very successful in this project within a very short span to time we have provided more than 500 children’s primary education.

Moral education

For a successful community, society and ethics we as an organization provide a vital role in educating the childrens specially in villages. For this task we used to get help from the local Spiritual and religious leaders. We organized different seminars in different places were Philanthropists, anthropologist and human right activist deliver a lecture on importance of education for the societies and communities.

Vocational education

In fact in this modern and technological era, vocational training is very important. If we observe the successful nations their basis lies on people who stresed on vocational training like China, Japan etc. The same kind to techniques we try to use for the minority community and we have established different vocational centers where the volunteers delivered lectures and seminars on home industry like weaving, hand embroidery specially for the girls.

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