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Let me have the honor to introduce the  Minority Coverage Foundation to your good offices. Minority Coverage Foundation (M.C.F) is not-for-profit charitable organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 bearing Registration No  RP/4062/L/S/7. Registration Under The Punjab Charities Act 2018 (V Of 2018) Punjab Charity Commission Registration No. PB-7407152430940148. We are maintaining our office at  House No 168, 38, Gill Street, Bahar  Colony No 2, Near Ittefaq Hospital, Kotlakhpat, Lahore since 2006. We are also maintaining our Website www.mincof.org Our organization has been awarded a Tax Exemption certificate by the Commissioner Inland Revenue No. J-1288.

MCF works towards bringing out policies of planning and development of marginal communities with a view to create an environment in which deprived communities may be able to transform their lives in self reliance and self sustainability with respect.

With the advent of the new millennium people are facing with formidable challenges as the government spreading on the social sector as dwindled manifold. During the last few years we have seen a galloping gap between haves and haves not. MCF is, indeed a manifestation for special love and composition for deprived communities and society as a whole.

Our Goals:

Creating: Opportunities for employment and enhancing abilities of poverty stricken individuals to discover the fullness of life in their lives
Providing: Financial assistance to small and micro-scale business entrepreneurs with least access to credit and through business expansion, creating further opportunities for the unemployed and under-employed poorer sections of communities.
Developing: the entrepreneurial skills and abilities of the poor to increase productivity and profitability of their business through training and consultancy.
Assisting: the deprived and oppressed including widows, orphans, the mentally and physically handicapped to experience the love of God.
Becoming: a prophetic instrument for the transformation of the Pakistani nation by emphasizing wise stewardship of financial resources and accountability.

Emmanuel Gulzar
President, MCF
Additional General Secretary (Central)
National Peace Committee for Interfaith and Harmony
Govt. of Pakistan.
Email: mincof@gmail.com
Tel: +92-42-35918435
Fax: +92-42-35918436
Address: P.O. Box: 5033 Model Town, Lahore. Pakistan

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