Submersible Water Pump

A submersible water pump operates beneath the earth’s surface. Submersible Water Pump pushes water to the surface. Most submersible pumps are long cylinders that are about 3 to 5 inches’ diameter and 2 to 4 feet long. Submersible Water Pumps have a hermetically sealed motor that is close-coupled to the body of the water pump.

Having a hermetically sealed motor prevents the water from getting inside the pump’s motor and causing a short circuit. Other components of a submersible water pump are the cable, which is connected to the motor and a pipe that transports the water to the surface. Water is then stored in water storage tanks constructed nearby Submersible water pump tube well.Submersible Water Pump projects are best suitable to run systems for water pumping in remote areas or where electricity has frequent outages.

Cost & Duration

The Submersible Pump project cost is PKR 70,000/- to PKR 100,000/-. The cost varies on the bases of areas. Its completion duration will be 4 months.

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