Solar Submersible Pump

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Water pumping is generally dependent on conventional electricity. Solar pumping systems are environmentally friendly and require low maintenance with no fuel cost. Keeping in view the shortage of electricity in Urban, rural and remote areas in many parts of Pakistan, Solar power pumping is one of the most promising applications using solar energy.

The technology is similar to conventional water pumping systems i.e. electrical submersible water pumping except that the power source is solar energy. Solar Submersible water pumping technique is gaining importance in recent years due to the non-availability of electricity. The flow rate of pumped water is dependent on incident solar radiation and size of PV array. A properly designed PV system results in significant long-term cost savings as compared to conventional pumping systems. In addition, tanks can be used for water storage in place of requirement.

Cost & Duration

The Solar Submersible Pump project cost is PKR 400,000/- to PKR 500,000/-. The cost varies on the bases of areas. Its completion duration will be 3 months.