Celebrating Guru Nanak’s birthday to promote religious harmony – Emmanuel Gulzar

Celebrating Guru Nanak’s birthday in the year of 2020. November 29, 1469

Minority Coverage Foundation (MCF) Celebrating Guru Nanak’s birthday to promote Peace & Interfaith Harmony. (MCF) vision is to combine all the minorities on one platform where all human beings can practice their faith without any fear and accepting each other’s customs and traditions. Yes, it’s true that many wars and conflicts have started over religion. Now that our world has become a global village, shows we should purposefully make dialogues on interfaith harmony and peace. Each community is different, with different customs and issues of concern, so all participants can adapt or modify these guidelines to meet their particular circumstances. The dialogues need not be with all the religious minorities and hopefully, work together for the future of Pakistan and for the whole globe.

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