Christmas Dinner 2014 by Minority Coverage Foundation

Christmas Dinner 2014 with (all the names here) Mr. Emmanual Gulzar President MCF Mr. Lt. Gen. Abdul Qyamm Mr. Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan Mr. Sohail Lashari President Chamber of Commerce Lahore Voice President Chamber of Commerce Lahore Mr. Muhammad Riaz Voice Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board Mr. Muhammad Akram Chaudhary Senior Journalist for promotion of peace and interfaith harmony among […]

Interfaith Conference Australia

The Melbourne Parliament offers the opportunity to continue with the reconciliation process that the Australian government began by apologizing to Indigenous people for the wrongs committed against them. The Parliament provides the occasion to focus on the struggle against poverty across the world with the aim of making poverty history. As the world faces challenges of consumption and sustainability, access […]

Capacity Building Workshop

Lack of awareness and training are the main reasons why people find it difficult to access information from various government bodies. Civil society organizations, especially those working at the grassroots in rural areas need to be aware about this landmark legislation in our country. More importantly they have the specific responsibility to spread awareness about this Act amongst the people […]

Violence at Chak 8/11-L, Sahiwal

As the whole world is aware about Pakistan that lots of ethnic and fundamental groups are active to promote their activities through violence and intolerance behavior. Here the people are stubborn and have a phonetic attitude towards minorities, due to these reasons it’s needed to build a positive dialogue with the majority groups. We protest Violence at Chak 8/11-L, Sahiwal District.

Pakistan Interfaith Conference

National Peace Commity of Interfaith and Harmony Pakistan, where all human beings can practice their faith without fear , by accepting and respecting each other’s faiths. Yes it’s true that many wars and conflicts have started over religion. Now here’s an electronic book that shows you how purposeful inter-religious dialogues can actually bring about peace. Each community is different, with […]

Protested against Gojjra Violence

Around eight people have died, including one child, and many were injured in the violence that engulfed the Gojra, Punjab. Following the allegation by some local Muslims on Friday that some Christians have desecrated the Holy Quran, a violent mob burned down 70 houses belonging to the Christians to ashes in riots that went on for two days. On Saturday, […]

Protested against Asia Bibi Arrest

Pakistani Christian woman who was convicted of blasphemy by a Pakistani court, receiving a sentence of death by hanging. The verdict, which would need to be upheld by a superior court, has received worldwide attention. If executed, Noreen would be the first woman in Pakistan to be lawfully killed for blasphemy.Christian minister Shahbaz Bhatti and Pakistani government politician Salmaan Taseer were both assassinated for […]