Health Program

We think its our prime objective to spread the awareness about health precautions and hygien to  the people of Pakistan specially into the rular areas, dedicated and skilled teams those who visit villages and remote areas, collect the complete data about their health conditions after collecting the complete report.

Our medical camps like Eye, Skin, Gyne, Hepatitis A, B, C provides professional services with the trained and years of experience doctors and nurses.The Doctor provides preventive care solutions and guides to the patients for curability. The Lady Health workers provide medical aid and guide to the pregnant mothers. MCF also serves in Polio Vaccination Campaigns. We work hard to reduce the diseases with the help of Local Donors that we have.

We wanted to open new dispensaries in different villages where twice a week a team of doctors pay their visits  and we have two paramedical staff on permanent basis. The people of these villages would be pleased about this project. For the major cases our staff refer people to other hospitals where we try to provide them with a sufficient and appropriate facilities to the deserving patients. In the coming future we would like to organize the AIDS awareness program in the Schools and Colleges as well.

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